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What we do

Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1998. The organization gives financial support to the visual arts in the greater Toronto area and provides an educational program for its members. TFVA presents annual awards, which are given at our May Tribute Night. We have now awarded over $555,000 since 1998.

To contact us send an email to: info@tfva.ca.
TFVA does not respond to letters of inquiry, unsolicited nominations or funding requests.

Current Awards

2016 Artist Prize $15,000 to vsvsvs

Winner vsvsvs
vsvsvs is a seven-person collective based out of a warehouse in Toronto’s portlands. Their members are Wallis Cheung, Ryan Clayton, Anthony Cooper, James Gardner, Stephen McLeod, Laura Simon and Miles Stemp. Formed in 2010, vsvsvs’ activities encompass collective art making, a residency program, a formal exhibition space and individual studio practice. www.vsvsvs.org

2016 Artist Prize Finalist $5,000 ERIKA DeFREITAS

ERIKA DeFREITAS is a Toronto–based multidisciplinary conceptual artist. She explores the influence of language, loss and culture on the formation of identity through public intervention, textile-based works and performative actions that are photographed, placing an emphasis on process, gesture and documentation www.erikadefreitas.com

2016 Artist Prize Finalist $5,000 BRIDGET MOSER

BRIDGET MOSER is a Toronto-based performance and video artist whose work is suspended between prop comedy, experimental theatre, performance art, absurd literature, existential anxiety and intuitive dance. www.bridgetmoser.com


MAIA-MARI SUTNIK's distinguished career as a curator of photography at the Art Gallery of Ontario commenced in 1979 when she developed the photography program that now numbers over 60,000 items of historical significance. The AGO has recognized her contribution by naming her its first Curator Emerita, Photography. Maia is currently an adjunct professor at Ryerson University.


2016 Project Support $20,000 VTAPE

VTAPE - the support given by TFVA will assist in the ambitious renovation of the fourth floor space at 401 Richmond St. to create a 7,400 sq. ft. climate controlled, barrier-free arts space. At its heart will be a newly built Media-Arts Research and Exhibition Common. www.vtape.org

2016 Project Support $5,000 ZUN LEE

ZUN LEE, a photographic artist - for his exhibition FADE RESISTANCE, a collection of thousands of Polaroid photographs depicting vibrant black family life. www.zunlee.com

2016 Project Support $5,000 SHOWROOM

SHOWROOM, the inaugural exhibition at the newly named "Art Museum at University of Toronto", curated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan. www.artmuseum.utoronto.ca

2016 Project Support $5,000 CHROMA LIVES

CHROMA LIVES, an exhibition and research project by researcher ERIN ALEXA FREEDMAN and the artist LILI HUSTON-HERTERICH, creating a "living archive" of the 1983 exhibition CHROMALIVING. The show calls attention to the individuals behind the furnishings of the former exhibition and subsequent generations of artists who work(ed) in this vein. www.lilihustonherterich.com