Our Prize Winners in the News – November 2022 Edition

Here, again, we have a lengthy list of our award winners who are impressing art lovers world-wide. Scroll down and be amazed!

To celebrate our 25th year, as an organization supporting artists and the visual arts in the GTA, we will be reaching out to some of our prize winners for an in-depth look at their current projects. We will also learn more about how our prizes have impacted them. Watch for this in the new year.


Art Toronto 2022

This Toronto art fair had another successful year. Many of our Artist Prize recipients were showing their work, including:

Dean Baldwin – winner 2010

Nadia Belerique – winner 2015

Sandra Brewster – winner 2018

Adam David Brown – winner 2009

Chris Curreri – winner 2011

Erika DeFreitas – finalist 2016

Laurie Kang – finalist 2015

Esmaa Mohamoud – winner 2019 

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino – winner 2013 

Nep Sidhu – winner 2017

Ghazeleh Avarzamani – Artist Prize Winner 2022

Toronto Sculpture Garden Project – Project Support 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the TFVA Project Support award, to the Toronto Sculpture Garden for the creation of an archival website, is now complete! The works of hundreds of artists exhibited in the Sculpture Garden from 1982– 2014 have been curated, described, and documented by Rina Greer, the founding curator of the Garden. For over thirty years, the Toronto Sculpture Garden has been the site of innovative contemporary sculpture installations. This small, urban park in the downtown core has served as a testing ground for over 100 artists to experiment with public space and to address issues of architectural scale, materials and context.

Click here to learn more

Click here for a link to Rina Greer’s lecture for TFVA

Ghazaleh Avarzamani – Artist Prize Winner 2022

The AGO has recently acquired Ghazaleh Avarzamani’s Game of Goose, 2016. Congratulations Ghazaleh! The recent AGO Insider has an article on Ghazeleh and her work.

Click here to learn more. Scroll to the heading ‘Modern and Contemporary’

Shellie Zhang – Artist Prize Finalist 2021

Anique Jordan – Artist Prize 2020

Erika DeFreitas – Artist Prize Finalist 2016

Shellie Zhang, Anique Jordan, and Erika DeFreitas are all part of Photorama 36 at the Gallery TPW in Toronto. The show runs from November 17 through December 3. Gallery TPW is an artist-run centre dedicated to exhibiting underrepresented artistic and curatorial practices that push the boundaries of lens-based work.

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Tau Lewis Artist – Artist Prize Finalist 2019

Tau Lewis has a show entitled Vox Populi Vox Dei at the 52 Walker Gallery in New York City. The show runs October 28 through January 7, 2023. At the gallery, the artist presents a group of six new sculptures, created from salvaged textiles and other found materials, in a polygonal installation that will serve as a stage for an inaudible conversation

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Erdem Tasdelen – Project Support 2021

Erdem Tasdelen’s Istanbul exhibition at the Büro Sarigedik Gallery, which ended Nov. 20th, was titled A Moving Target. It is a cinematic work that experiments with structures of narrative without telling tangible stories. The project includes a repository of 100 video segments, each around one minute in length. A custom-made video playback tool re-montages these segments each time the work is activated, resulting in an ever-changing filmic experience that has no particular beginning or end.

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Workman Arts – Project Support 2022

The 2022 Workman Arts’ Rendezvous with Madness Festival this fall included virtual and in-person events. In their work, the six exhibiting artists addressed personal experiences that challenge what mental health and wellness looks like. Action is apparent through frameworks of compassion, thought-provoking imagery and considerate storytelling. Your dues this year made this project possible! 

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Shellie Zhang– Artist Prize Finalist 2021

Esmaa Mohamoud– Artist Prize 2019

Shellie Zhang and Esmaa Mohamoud are part of the exhibition Human Capital at the Contemporary Calgary Gallery. The show runs until January 29, 2023. Human Capital presents work that offers insight into the impact of Canada’s immigration policies and history, including the role policies and history have played in shaping the complex and contested formation of a Canadian identity.

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