Our Prize Winners in the News – October 2022 Edition

We are delighted to highlight some of the recent activities from our prizewinners.

Laurie Kang – Artist Prize Finalist 2015

Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art, has invited Laurie Kang to develop a yearlong series of works entitled Mother Always Has a Mother for the 2022-23 SPACE billboard commission. Working with textiles for the first time, Kang has produced a series of three sculptural works that translate ideas of inheritance, loss, and lineage through the vernacular of seams, frayed edges, and folds. The exhibition runs until January 26, 2023.

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Laurie Kang has been selected as one of four artists for the London, UK’s Chisenhale Gallery 2023 Commissions Programme. Laurie’s show will run June 1 – June 30, 2023. Spanning painting, photography, sculpture, and textile, this year’s program addresses the body – its movements through space and time and its physical, emotional, and material imprints. This major new commission—a first solo exhibition in the UK by Kang—will present her most ambitious site-specific installation yet. Kang’s first artist publication will be developed alongside the commission and published by Hurtwood Press. Congratulations Laurie!

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Nadia Bellerique – Artist Prize 2015

Nadia Bellerique has a solo exhibition at the David Dale Gallery in Glasgow, UK. The installation, Slice, runs until October 29.

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Erika DeFreitas – Artist Prize Finalist 2016

Roula Partheniou – Artist Prize Finalist 2007

Erika DeFreitas and Roula Partheniou are part of Undone, a group exhibit at the Owens Art Gallery at Mount Alison University, Sackville NB. The show runs from October 8 through December 15. This exhibition features seven artists whose work both centers and expands our understanding of the handmade and its relevance to contemporary art. Placing emphasis on gesture, process, the body, documentation, and paranormal phenomena, Erika DeFreitas mines concepts of loss, post-memory, and legacy. Roula’s largely sculptural practice centers on an exploration of the replica by calling into question the language of everyday objects and the ways that we read and decipher our environment

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Dana Prieto Artist – Prize Finalist 2022

Dana Prieto was featured in a recent Art Canada Institute Newsletter, Picturing in Place: Latin American Artists in Canada. The works in the newsletter center on notions of place and identity, exploring the rich terrain of migration, memory, history, and community. They pose questions such as: How do we experience place? How do places change over time? Can an experience or memory be recreated? Dana’s featured work is entitled Spoil.

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Edward Burtynsky – Founders Achievement 2008

The work of Edward Burtynsky will be featured in one of Art Canada Institute’s upcoming open access art books. Photography in Canada 1839-1989: An Illustrated History will be released in April 2023.

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Max Dean – Project Support 2021 and 2006

Max Dean is featured in an online exhibition, Portrait of the Artist as an Artist, at the Portrait Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. The show explores his life as an artist and the unique experiences that have come to shape his art. Max’s performances, installations, videos, and photographs have explored the relationship between personal and collective identity through portraits. The show runs online until March 8, 2023.

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Shellie Zhang – Artist Prize Finalist 2021

Shellie Zhang is part of a group exhibit, Nostalgia Interrupted, which runs until December 10, 2022. The show, a hybrid of both online and in-person work, is at the Doris McCarthy Gallery at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. Shellie will exhibit in both formats. In the past few years, nostalgia has made a comeback. This sentimentality is not inclusive. It is a stark reminder of the complexities involved in BIPOC nostalgia, one consistently interrupted by terror, inequality, disposability, fear, and aggression. Nostalgia Interrupted highlights the reminiscences and perseverance of BIPOC communities through lens-based media, text, and installation. There are lots of viewing and listening opportunities associated with this show.

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Michèle Pearson Clarke – Artist Prize Finalist 2019

Michèle Pearson Clarke’s show, The Animal Seems to be Moving, is at the Centre Clark in Montreal. Her exhibit explores issues related to ageing, in a video of self-portraiture. The show runs from October 27 through November 28. Michèle participates in an online discussion of her exhibit.

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