Our Prize-winners in the News March 2021

Vera Frenkel –Founders Achievement Award 2018

Vera Frenkel is being recognized on many fronts at this moment. Two of her works will be featured in the Shanghai Biennale from April 10-June 27. Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive will be exhibited in a special viewing room and the Biennale website features a link to Frenkel’s Body Missing.

Frenkel has also been selected as CARFAC’s Artist of the month www.carfac.ca and Paul Petro Gallery’s current exhibition, Multiples and Small Works features Frenkel’s Image Spaces, a collection of Frenkel’s poems and graphics, originally printed in 1971. Click here for a link to the collection.

For a great podcast created for Frieze by art historian, Griselda Pollock, click here

Esmaa Mohammoud – Artist Prize 2019

Esmaa’s exhibit To Play in the Face of Certain Defeat opens March 20 at the Art Gallery Hamilton. The exhibit re-examines our understanding of “contemporary Blackness, questioning the definitions of Blackness as a colour and shade, and/or as a societal or cultural construction.” A photo of Esmaa’s installation from the AGH exhibition, “Glorious Bones”, is reproduced above.



Nadia Belerique Artist Prize 2015 

In each of its Saturday editions, The Toronto Star features the art of local visual artists. The February 20, 2021 Star article by Deborah Dundas, titled What side of the door are we on?” describes the artist’s engagement, one year after the pandemic began, with ideas of security, safety and home. In this work, the artist asks “Do we remember what it was like to open our doors to family and friends, to feel secure in the world? How have we changed, locked down by ourselves or with a few people close to us?”

Click here to view the page

Workman Arts – Project Support 2012

Going digital for the first time, Workman Arts celebrates the 20th anniversary of its annual exhibition Being Scene, with an online exhibition that opened one year after COVID 19 was declared a global pandemic. The exhibition, which runs until March 28th, is actually three exhibitions in one: a guest-curated exhibition of 11 commissioned artworks; a juried exhibition of 60 artists; and a retrospective exhibition honouring the 20th anniversary of Being Scene. In To Speak Without Speaking, eleven artists were invited to respond to the global pandemic. Guest curator Jacqueline Kok encourages us to think through the different ways in which we respond or have trouble responding both to the many, deep-rooted, scars that have surfaced as a result of the health crisis, as well as the fluctuating meanings of normality.

Click here for more information on the event series.

Anique Jordan – Artist Prize 2021            

Esmaa Mohamoud – Artist Prize 2019

Shary Boyle – Artist Prize Finalist 2006

Art Canada Institute – Project Support 2015

In its March 5th newsletter, honouring International Women’s Day, the Art Canada Institute published Choose to Challenge featuring twelve “visionary artists who have forged their own paths in a male-dominated world … transforming Canadian art through their unique vision, talent and leadership.”

Three of the featured artists are TFVA prize-winners:

Anique Jordan, The Sixth Company Battalion; Esmaa Mohamoud, One of the Boys; and Shary Boyle, The Lute Player. In their work, each of the artists examines their place in the arts and in society, boldly confronting gender imparity through their unique vision, talent and leadership.

Click here to view the newsletter.

Jen Aitken – Artist Prize Finalist 2021

David Liss – Founders Achievement Award 2015

Curated by David Liss and Anaïs Castro,the exhibition Architectonic Transmissions, through May 22, features new work by Jen Aitken and Caroline Monnet, artists who share an interest in ways in which materials and built form transmit knowledge and information but whose their approaches and intentions differ significantly. The exhibition at Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto is presented in collaboration with Georgia Scherman Projects and Blouin Division.

Click here for information.

Georgia Dickie – Artist Prize 2014

Cooper Cole presents Jerky Out, Gnar In, a solo exhibition of the work of Georgia Dickie. For this exhibition, Dickie presents a space of precarity in which boundaries are flexible and tangled with our lived experiences. Over the past year, the artist’s short walk between her home and studio has narrowed the patterns in her collecting of discarded objects and, in turn, shaped the way her new sculptures have evolved. The show runs through April 17.

Click here for information.

Michele Pearson Clarke – Artist Prize Finalist 2019

The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies has announced that Michele Pearson Clarke has been chosen as the Centre’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence. The Centre residency was founded to support an artist whose work centres on LGBTQ2S+ and QTBIPOC lives, communities, histories, and cultures. Its purpose is to examine both the role that art plays in expanding how we think about sexual diversity and the relations between art, activism and social justice. Click here for more information.

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