Our Prize Winners in the News – March 2022

Here is the latest collection of news concerning our very busy and hugely talented prize winners. Let’s all celebrate their achievements!

Sandra Brewster, Artist Prize 2018

This exhibition at the Power Plant Contemporary Art GallerySandra Brewster: By Way of Communion, presents two new commissions, including the first public sculpture by Toronto-based Canadian artist, Sandra Brewster. The exhibition includes two works, DENSE and A Place to Put Your Things, offering different facets of the artist’s practice while addressing themes of place and belonging. DENSE is on exhibit until May 1, 2022 and A Place to Put Your Things is on view until Sept. 30, 2022.  

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A recent Globe and Mail article by Kate Taylor, expanded on the show. Click here to read the article.

Vessna Perunovich, Artist Prize 2005

The exhibition, Here. In Absence, features two works by Vessna Perunovich, each exhibited in North America for the first time. Perunovich employs both video and installation to explore the themes of home, displacement and boundaries. The show is on view until March 25 at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery.

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Michèle Pearson Clarke, Artist Prize Finalist 2019

Muscle Memory, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, is the title of the first major solo exhibition in a public gallery for Michèle Pearson Clarke. Working primarily in photography and video, Clarke examines black and queer experiences of longing and loss, while situating such grief as a site of possibility for social engagement and political connection. With Muscle Memory, Clarke presents her largest installation to date, comprising both a new four-channel video and sound work, Quantum Choir, 2022 and a selection of photographs from her ongoing series, The Animal Seems to Be Moving, 2018-present.

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KPMB, Founders Achievement Award 2007

In an international call for architects, KPMB Architects were awarded the commission to re-design the Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s University. Agnes-Re-Imagined is the title of this multi-year project which is meant to lead the way in new thinking about the galleries of the future. This long-term project embodies transformation through an inclusive-design process that grounds itself in the concept of home and hospitality, honouring the art centre’s origins as the home of Agnes Etherington and her bequest to Queen’s University to make it an art centre that ‘furthers the cause of art and community’.

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Chris Curreri, Artist Prize 2011

Chris’ show, A Surrogate, A Proxy, A Stand-In, at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s University, runs until May 29. The exhibition features works of photography which ‘linger in liminal states, capturing processes as they unfold and focusing in on moments before identity is fixed or concepts come into light as fully intelligible, and thus taken as normative’.

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Shellie Zhang, Artist Prize Finalist 2021  

Anique Jordan, Artist Prize 2020 

Shellie Zhang and Anique Jordan are part of the ARTWORXTO’s three part group exhibit entitled, I am a land. Each part of the exhibition explores the role of the artist as a chronicler. The show, which opened on March 2 at Union Station South, addresses ideas of public history and empowers collective history-making, demanding that our public spaces reflect our past, present, and future. The exhibition is curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez for ARTWORXTO – Toronto’s Year of Public Art.

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Nadia Bellerique,  Artist Prize 2015   

Camille Turner, Artist Prize Finalist 2018 

The second edition of the Toronto Biennial of ArtWhat Water Knows, Land Remembers, will feature works by TFVA prize winners Nadia Bellerique and Camille Turner. The city-wide event will be on view from March 26 to June 5, 2022 and features art works from over 23 commissions across nine venues and 36 local and international artists.

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Nep Sidhu, Artist Prize 2017

Nep Sidhu: Paradox of Harmonics opens his first US solo exhibit on April 15 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit. The show will explore Nep’s visual inquiries on communal remembrance and how sound impacts both collective and individual responses towards living knowledge production and being in the world of sound. The works include a variety media including tapestries, paintings, sculptures, and videos.
At MOCAD from April 17 to September 11.

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Esmaa Mohamoud, Artist Prize 2019

The Art Canada Institute’s Friday March 11 newsletter entitled Breaking the Bias: Ten Women Artists Shattering Stereotypes, features the work of Esmaa Mohamoud, one of ten Canadian women whose works challenge conventional approaches to art-making. The newsletter’s theme focuses on combatting gender inequality and discrimination.

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