Our Prize Winners in the News – February 2022

We are thrilled for our artists (and their audiences) that galleries and museums are now reopening, albeit, at this point, with limited capacity. With the situation changing weekly in some instances, it is suggested that members interested in visiting exhibitions, double-check all details on gallery websites.

Tau Lewis, Artist Prize Finalist 2019

Tau Lewis is one of the 231 artists whose work will be included in
the prestigious 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale de Venezia. Titled The Milk of Dreams, the exhibition, curated by
Cecilia Alemani, will address a post-pandemic future through a
dialogue between historic and contemporary art works and will be
on display to the public from April 23 to November 27, 2022.

Congratulations Tau!

Click here to learn more about La Biennale

Click here to see a press conference on YouTube with the President of La Biennale. Skip to 8:55 to hear Cecilia Alemani, curator of the Art Exhibition. If it is in Italian, change ‘IT’ to ‘EN’ on the red bar at the top.

Sandra Brewster, Artist Prize 2018

Sandra Brewster’s work is featured in the Art Canada Institute’s
new online exhibition, Traces of Home Migration, Memory and
. Featuring work from the last fifteen years, the show
explores how Brewster draws inspiration from the meanings of
home, migration and memory for the Caribbean community.

Click here to read a description of the exhibition in the ACI Jan 21

Click here to view the online exhibition 

Click here to read an essay about the exhibition

Anique Jordan, Artist Prize 2020 
Sandra Brewster, Artist Prize
Camille Turner, Artist Prize Finalist 2018,

Erika Defreitas, Artist Prize Finalist 2016

The Art Canada Institute’s February 4th newsletter titled Beauty,
Joy and Belonging: Photography of the African Diaspora, features
images from the recent book, As We Rise: Photography from the Black Atlantic, featuring the collection of Dr. Kenneth Montague. This collection is dedicated to African diaspora culture and contemporary Black life.   

We are delighted that works by four of our prize-winners are included in the book in which Montague draws on his internationally celebrated collection to explore how photographers picture Black identity.

Note: A touring exhibition of As We Rise: Photography from the Black Atlantic, will open at Toronto’s Art Museum at the University of Toronto in September.

Click here to learn more

Shary Boyle, Artist Prize Finalist 2006

Watch for the opportunity to sign up with TFVA, for a tour of this major exhibition of Shary’s work at the Gardiner Museum. Entitled Outside the Palace of Me, this multi-sensory exhibition of new works includes drawings, ceramic sculpture, life-sized automatons, two-way mirrors and coin-operated sculpture, all set to an interactive score. The exhibition explores how we see each other and how we see ourselves in our culture which has blurred the line between personal integrity and public persona. The exhibition begins February 24 and runs until May 15. 

Click here for more information

Michèle Pearson Clarke, Artist Prize Finalist 2019

Michèle’s work is included in the group exhibition, The Politics of Sound, curated by Tyler J. Stewart, at Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George, British Columbia. The exhibition, which runs until April 10th, investigates the often overlooked (or more appropriately – silenced) role of sound within the social relations of power. While sound has been used by those in power to intimidate and dominate, artists have also, in turn, used sound as a form of resistance against inequitable social structures.

Click here to learn more about this exhibition

Laurie Kang, Artist Prize Finalist 2015

Laurie is currently the first-ever artist in residence at the Horizon
Art Foundation.

Click here to visit the Foundation site

Click here for more information on Laurie’s exhibition

Click here for an interview of Laurie with Chief Artistic Director,
Christopher Y. Lew

Laurie’s work is also included in Toronto’s Franz Kaka Gallery
exhibition, TRIP LIKE I DO (January 21st – February 19th, 2022).

Click here for images and a press release

Camille Turner, Artist Prize Finalist 2018

TVO is introducing a new series exploring Canada’s diversity
through its art. Camille Turner is one of the featured artists. More
will be forthcoming from TVO. In the meantime: 

Click here for an introductory discussion featuring Camille Turner.

Max Dean, Project Support Artist 2021 and 2006

The January 2022 issue of Border Crossings (Vol.40 No.3) is
titled The Body, and focuses on the body in some of its myriad
forms. One of the featured articles by Ann Thomas, Senior
Curator of Photography at the National Gallery of Canada, focuses
on artist Max Dean’s recent “body” of work and his “unflinching
transmogrification of his own Unwell Body, the body and its dis-
ease made manifest through art”.

Click here to learn more

Abbas Akhavan, Artist Prize Finalist 2012

Abbas’s Study for a Map was included in the recent exhibition,
So Different, So Appealing, at the gallery Warehouse421 in Abu
Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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